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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book

pics1007CS5ClassroomAdobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book
Author: Adobe Systems
Publisher: Adobe Press/Peachpit
379 pages … $54.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-70176-3

This is the official Adobe training book from Adobe Systems. You use Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book with your computer to follow step-by-step instructions for projects selected to teach you how to use Photoshop CS5. A DVD is included with all the material needed to complete every lesson.

The book is divided into 14 lessons which cover Photoshop CS5 and some CS5 Extended. It says that each lesson will take from less than an hour to about an hour and a half.

Maybe I am slow, but I cannot imagine learning, for example, chapter three, Working With Selections, in about an hour.

Chapter 3 covers selecting and selection tools, using the Quick Selection tool, moving a selected area, manipulating selections, using the Magic Wand tool, selecting with lasso tools, rotating a selection, selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool, cropping an image and erasing within a selection, and refining the edge of a selection. Whew!

So maybe the lessons will take a little longer, but you learn an awful lot in the process.

The strength of this book is that it enables you to work through projects covering so much by yourself just by following the steps as they are written. The recommended settings for the specific images provide a good place to start your own adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book tells you how, but leaves it up to you and experience to learn more how much, when, and why.

No author is listed, but Julieanne Kost is credited for one Tip.

PeachpitThe DVD also includes a reference to considerable on-line resources, and over an hour and a half of excellent video training from Learn Adobe Photoshop CS5 by Video2Brain.

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