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Cooking for Geeks
Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food

pics1009CookingforGeeksCooking for Geeks
Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food

Author: Jeff Potter
Publisher: O’Reilly
411 pages … $34.99


Cooking for Geeks is the book for you if you want to learn:
How and why cooking works
How to cook and did not grow up in the kitchen.
How to prepare food so you and your guests will not get sick.

Among many other things you will learn about tastes, a difference between copper and glass bowls, and about how to pour stuff into a plastic bag. You will learn the relationship between time and temperature and foods. You will learn how you can learn to judge what difference a change in a recipe will make.

Cooking for Geeks is written with a sense of humor. There is interesting information from other great chefs. The index is excellent so you can find everything easily.

OReillyBanner120x240Cooking for Geeks is not another recipe book. There are recipes, but they are intended to teach you about cooking, not just how to make one dish.

Yes, you will learn what a Geek is, and why people can be proud to be Geeks even in the kitchen.

My wife is a cook. She recommends Cooking for Geeks as “an interesting book which would appeal to people who would like something good to eat, who have not cooked much, and who read computer books.” I am neither a cook nor a real Geek, but I enjoyed reading Cooking for Geeks and learned a lot about cooking.

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