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The Book of GIMP

pics130205GIMPcoverThe Book of GIMP
Authors: Olivier Lacarme & Karine Delvare
Publisher: No Starch Press
656 pages … $49.95
ISBN: 978-1-59327-383-5

The Book of Gimp is a fascinating book about the GIMP program for manipulating photographs, for drawing, for creating illustrations and web pages, and for much more.

GIMP.the program, is now available for free for the Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. GIMP was originally created years ago for the GNU/Linux operating systems. It also works on Windows. The Book of GIMP includes the inspiring story of how the program, was developed, is maintained, and is continually improved by volunteer programmers.

I got off on the wrong foot when I started looking through The Book of GIMP and installing it so that I could review it. I expected the installation to be difficult and read about installing the GNU/Linux version. Mac users, do not read that. It takes us just one step which is clearly described for the Mac. (Also true for Windows.)

I have Photoshop CS5 which is really all I need, but I am going to take my time to read and study The Book of Gimp. It is well written and illustrated. There is much interesting information in there that will increase my understanding. There may be better ways to do some things, and more things that I will be able to do.

The cover says The Book of GIMP - A Complete Guide to Everything, and that is about right. It covers everything from Vision and Image Representation to how to reduce noise in a face caused when a photographer moved.

I am glad that GIMP is now available for the Mac. It looks like a good alternative to more expensive as well as less capable programs. I you are considering exploring it, buy The Book of GIMP. More information is available and you can buy it from the publisher: No Starch Press

OReillyBanner470x60It is also available with your user group discount through OReilly.com

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