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Best iPad Apps



pics1102BestiPadAppsBest iPad Apps - The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders
Author: Peter Meyers
Publlisher: O’Reilly Media
240 pages … $21.99
ISBN: 978-1-449-39247-5


Best iPad Apps contains reviews of over 200 iPad apps that Peter Meyers rated best from the many thousands. He rated them based upon their use of the tap, swipe, pinch, and flick, upon their elegant design, upon their ease of use and low need for instructions, and for what they do.

The use categories include work, leisure, creating, play, home, out and about, and your health.

OReillyBanner120x240The result is an very interesting collection of apps. If you do or do not already have an iPad, this collection will give you more of an understanding of what you might do with iPad apps. It provides a perspective of what is out there. It may also save you time and money in your search for the best apps for your needs.



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