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Welcome to NVMUG
March 1, 2015


NVMUG serves northeastern Vermont and bordering areas of New Hampshire and Quebec.Our purpose is to share information and learn more about using Macintosh computers, other Apple equipment and software and related subjects including digital photography.We meet almost monthly. The Northeast Regional Hospital provides a meeting room with wifi and a projector. Here are directions to the meeting.


Midge Lubot, our President

The next NVMUG meeting will be on

Saturday, April 11, 2015
at 10 a.m. in Meeting room 224,
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St..Johnsbury, Vermont

So you can plan ahead, reserve this dates for another scheduled meetings

05/16/2015 - Room 126

06/13/2015 - Room 126

Please put this dates and time in your calanders and/or
For the April 11 Meeting:

NVMUG Meeting


Room 224

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital

10:00 AM to 12:000 Noon

Got a new Macintosh with Lion or newer? Downloaded and installed Mavericks or Yosemite and the install application is gone now? What do you do if your hard drive fails, to get your operating system running so you can migrate from your backup drive (You are backing up on an external herd drive aren’t you?) or Time Machine? At the meeting on April 11, we will be showing how to have operating system available for install from an USB flash drive.

If you are ready to update to Yosemite or have it installed, and you want to be able to have it handy in case of need, swing over to the App Store and download the latest version of it to your computer, using your Apple ID. Bring along an 8GB USB 2.0 or 3.0 flash drive and your downloaded install application, if you have a good decent speed internet connection.

You’ll be shown how to make the install USB drive from the Install OS X Mavericks or Install OS X Yosemite application a couple different ways and how to use the drive to do some repair work. Yes, you can use the recovery partition to do the same, and we’ll show how do that as well. But, if your drive bit the dust and you can get a quick replacement drive, you can use this USB drive to replace the OS on your hard drive without having to do a lengthy download on your internet connection.

We will also answer questions from the attendees, during times that we wait for images to be made.

Hope to see you there.

A visit to the Maine Mall Apple Store Genius Bar.. Other items discussed include the iPhone. You can read about Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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Read the concise report from Midge Lubot about the August 16 meeting here to see how much good information there can be in a Meeting with no planned agenda..

Planned future programs will be announced here, but we have had great success with unplanned meetings where members bring in information of interest, prolems to solve and questions to answer, and share their interests. We all learn from the sharing of information. Please come to the meeting and bring your questions and experiences to share.

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Please send your comments about this report, any questions you have, and suggestions for future meetings to the editor, Geof Gonter, geofgonter@mac.com

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